Compiled by the founder of Shotkit
Batteries and chargers for cameras camcorders phones and watches
Forums for digital camera enthusiasts using Canon cameras. Also general photography and technique discussion areas which are not camera-type specific
The Photography Post delivers the most current discussions on the state of photography.
Canon digital SLR and lens reviews
Poster printing
A how to guide to creating artistic images
Chris Kotsiopoulos's image of the sky from one morning to the next in Athens Greece.
Digital photo printing on to photographic paper, canvas or posters.
Free public information resource for the Internet photographic community
Photoblogging resource
Their claim to protect photographers and illustrators against image piracy and copyright theft looks interesting, depending on how good their searches are.
Free-content encyclopedia of camera information
Online photo printing service
CHDK firmware add-on for Canon's Digic II & Digic III cameras
Digital photography insights
UK's first internet-based specialist lens hire shop.
Leading online photography directory with over 80 categories and more than 24,000 unique listings
by Getty Images
For people selling photos online
Create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images
Photography news, equipment reviews and techniques. Members' gallery and forums.
Bevel cut photo mount manufacturers
Because of Canon’s corporate belief that “If we release no information about it, the problem will go away”, there is little factual information to debunk the online myths regarding Err99 unless you really do a lot of digging. I thought I’d write a summary of what I found and what we’ve experienced here (with 700 Canon lenses and 4 dozen Canon bodies, we have a bit of Err99 experience).
Feature, tutorials, reviews and technical discussions relating to digital image processing
Comparative guide to online photo storage. Prices range from free web space to thousands of dollars.
Shop in central London
Tips and tricks for drone aerial photography
Fagan Finder
EOS Network aims to become the number one resource for all information on Canon EOS products and photography
Seeks to provide photographers with access to the best Canon camera and lens reviews from one convenient location.
High resolution stock photography and royalty-free images.
From photojournalism to portraiture, from landscapes to lomography (and everything in between), discover the work of some of the world’s best photographers, both famous and unknown.
Photography gallery featuring Brighton and the South Downs
Photoblogs search engine and community.
Dennis Bohman photoblog
A step by step guide to scanning and processing black and white images
Nature photography from the Pacific north-west
Gibraltar and Spain
Online community dedicated to Canon photographers all over the world.
Image editing freeware download source
Digital image quality
European Space Agency images
Likely to be of interest to photographers and other picture professionals since it covers how to apply a controlled vocabulary used to describe images
Prints, posters and gifts
Lens specifications, guides, discussion and reviews. News, discussion, in-depth user reviews and ratings on all types of lenses
Five different methods to isolate objects in Photoshop. A how-to explanation, how long each method takes, and when each is most appropriate. Using the Magic Eraser tool; Background Eraser tool; Extract command; Quick Mask mode and Pen Tool to make a selection
The easiest way to create a web feed for personal or group use
If the past is a foreign country, this is your passport
Featuring the photography of Darwin Wiggett
Includes lens tests as well as camera data.
A series of Canon EOS lenses which the new user might be most interested in. Mostly zooms and mostly priced in the $200-$500 range.
Photo diary
Digital camera, lens and accessory reviews
Film cameras, lenses, filters, accessories, books, instruction manuals and associated items
Prints, posters and gifts
Opinions, observations, articles, insights and tutorials
Increase the dynamic range of photographs
A unique shop specialising in antique and classic cameras, everything associated with photography and cinematography and items of optical interest


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