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The RCA secret sale gets lots of publicity, largely because there is an outside chance of picking a an artwork by somebody vaguely famous. But it’s certainly not the only option if you are looking for distinctive postcard-sized pieces.

While the RCA event has finished, the inaugural Address Unknown is in full swing and is, in some ways, a better option. Unlike the RCA sale, which is limited to invited contributors and students, Address Unknown is a truly open international exhibition.

Anyone was free to submit up to three photographs they had taken in 2012. Sponsors Loxley Colour printed them for free, and then the postcards are exhibited and sold to raise funds for the PhotoVoice charity, which aims to help disadvantaged and marginalised communities represent themselves through photography.

The only requirement was that images were to be anonymous and photographers helped “Keep the Secret”. So postcards are viewed on their visual merits rather than as a product of a name. As the organisers. Melanie Gow and Gill Aspel said: “For a flat rate of £10 you will buy something because you like it, something that there will only be one of in this form.”

The physical exhibition is in Windsor, Berkshire. But if you can’t get to that all of the items can be browsed and bought online.
More than 70 cards have been sold since the exhibition opened this week. One of my entries, taken at the Olympics, was one of the first 10 to be purchased, so I’m allowed to tell you about it.

Olympic stadium

Two more of mine and another 500 others still remain, so there are still plenty of choices for you to pick up a unique card.

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